“Perseverare sulla strada dei sogni”

"Persevere on the road of dreams"

This is the invitation addressed to all young people by Pope Francis in Christus Vivit and what we touched by hand while spending a day in the community of San Patrignano

Testimoniando una nuova vita

Testifying a new life

In this letter Don Zeno invites the young people of Nomadelfia to be aware of the great apostolic commitment they will experience during the summer. Dear children, we are in the mood for departure for our tour or mission. This is an initiative that has all the ...


Do we feel responsible and involved by those who are not respected in their human and spiritual needs? Are we asked by the news and images that bring us the suffering and despair of so many human beings every day? "DIMIDIA HORA" My Lord Jesus, it is work ...
Le radici di una grande pianta

The roots of a large plant

The more robust the plant, the deeper the roots have to go down. Only in this way is the spirit nourished. A tree without roots is like a house without a foundation. It was a Saturday in April. While cleaning the family group I came across a strange figure ...
“Siamo nelle mani di Dio”

"We are in the hands of God"

On May 21, Abbot Pambo Martin Mkorwe of the Benedictine monastery of Mvimwa, in Tanzania, came to Nomadelfia. Our relationship with the monastery which is located in one of the poorest regions of Tanzania began in 2016 with the visit of the abbot ...