Today, Monday 23 March, Carlo Casini, the historic founder of the Movement for Life and a great friend of Nomadelfia, left for Eternal Life. We asked our dear friend Giorgio Gibertini, his close collaborator, to write us a thought to remember it together.

In the painful silence of these unexpected quarantine days, my friend Carlo Casini, founder of the Movement for Italian life, tireless warrior of light and life, died for many of us a real master, a real " second father ".
My prolife activity has led me to collaborate with him for at least twenty years and I have many good memories (also of meetings together here in Nomadelfia) that are slowly resurfacing in the mind and will soon find a place in space and time.
I want to remember him as a man of faith, first of all, because in the long journeys we made alone by car, from Strasbourg to Partinico, he never missed a regenerating nap but also an equally regenerating recitation of the Holy Rosary.
It was he who endorsed the collaboration between MPV and Nomadelfia both because he had known and appreciated Don Zeno, and because he knew and appreciated your continuous path of testimony for life and I, then national youth manager, followed up on this desire.
"Here I feel like in a paradise" he said to me every time at the end of a Board at your John Paul II group in Rome that I organized in the years in which I worked in the National Secretariat of the MPVI.
Now, Charles, you are in Heaven with Don Zeno, John Paul II, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, King Baudouin and many other friends of yours that you have always told us about.
We accompany you with prayer and thank God for the gift of meeting you and, personally, for the honor of having been able to collaborate with you for the common good for a long time.