For life, that is, for the dignity of the person from conception to natural death.

Nomadelfia joins the bewilderment and concern of the Italian Church over the Constitutional Court's ruling that opens to assisted suicide, sharing the words that at the press conference, at the end of the autumn session of the CEI Permanent Council, pronounced its secretary general, Msgr. . Russian: "We don't understand how we can talk about freedom, here are the conditions for a culture of death, in which society loses the light of reason". And again: "We are witnessing a drift in society where the weakest is induced into a state of depression and ends up feeling useless".

Already Pope Francis had recently reiterated to the Italian Federation of Orders of Surgeons who “Temptation can and must be rejected - also induced by legislative changes - to use medicine to support a patient's possible will to die, providing suicide assistance or directly causing death by euthanasia ". And he clarified that in reality, when the patient's discard is included, the request to be helped to anticipate death is not, as it might seem, a choice of freedom and to correspond to it is a hasty path of false compassion. Finally, he recalled that, as stated in the New Charter for Healthcare Professionals at no. 169, "there is no right to dispose of one's life, so no doctor can protect himself from a non-existent right".

In addition, the Permanent Council Committee in the press release issued at the end of their meeting also expressed concern about the impact that these choices would have on the whole of society, because "destined to cause profound consequences on a cultural and social level".

The loss of dignity of the human being at any stage of existence has repercussions on the whole human being as such.

This disillusionment with life, as we well see when we look around us with dispassionate eyes and without ideological filters, turns against the life of all of us, emptying the content of the words peace, justice, democracy.

So no one can rejoice in the irrelevance that is increasingly attributed to it. Respect for life is lost at its beginning with abortion. Respect for the different is lost. Respect is lost for the worker whose work will be seen more and more only as a factor of production which must cost less and less to affect the cost of the product produced in an increasingly irrelevant way. Respect for the elderly is lost. We lose respect for the young man and his future. Respect for the sick and the disabled person is lost. We lose respect for the family and its fate. We lose respect for political opponents and for those who think differently from us.

Every blow inflicted at some point in life is a wound that makes the sense of human dignity and its sacredness even more and lessen, attacking the scaffolding of all its rights and speeding up its commercialization.

An old adage reads: "serva ordinm et ordo sarvabit te", keep the order and the order will keep you. Otherwise the law of the fittest as soon as it has succeeded in attacking and dismantling even a single part of the juridical construction that protected the human being, will slowly end up destroying and dismantling the entire construction laboriously erected in its defense.

Nomadelfia is for the respect of life from conception to natural death, with the Pope and with the Church, with all the innumerable group of men and women who fight on all fronts of life, hardship, poverty and injustice nonviolently testifying by example the possibility of a different life.