Support Our Activities

Nomadelfia is not a company, but a community of families that work to support themselves.

At the same time, our life is largely absorbed from the apostolate and solidarity with those in need. Our warehouses are always open to the requests of those who find themselves living in situations of poverty. The apostolate also includes a wide range of activities: the evenings, the musical comedy, the printing and the sending of the newspaper.

Organizing all this involves very high costs, but without a certain economic return: it is not our style to impose a fixed price, because we want to privilege the aspect of gratuitousness. For this reason, Nomadelfia needs all the help it can get.

If you want to help us spread the seed of fraternity, fill out the form.

With your help, we can financially support the Evenings, the Musical, and all those families and associations that Providence has put on our way.


Nomadelfia does not carry out any other form of fundraising. Nomadelfia does not make direct money requests cash with private individuals, organizations or companies. Nomadelfia does not sell gadgets. Agricultural products, as well as books, DVDs and information material can be requested directly from the community, but they are absolutely not sold on the web through third party websites. Consequently, Nomadelfia he is not responsible for third parties who carry out the aforementioned activities posing as members of the same.

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