The pilgrimage of young postulants to Puglia has ended. From 2 to 7 September we walked from Fossacesia to Monte S. Angelo, led by two priests, on the words addressed by Pope Francis to the young people in the days of meeting in preparation for the 2018 Synod. "It is good not to do evil, but it is bad not to do good ”, the two aspects of baptismal promises. Already in August our youngest children had participated in the meeting with the Pope at the Circus Maximus and Holy Mass. Following the Pope's invitation not to give up the dream that God has placed in the heart of each of us and to realize it with courage, without letting ourselves be conditioned by the judgment of others and being aware of being loved by God, we have followed the path that Don Zeno, in 1943, he started to cross the front and arrive in Italy occupied by the allies. In an uncertain historical period and in which fear mastered the lives of men, Don Zeno did not cease to cultivate the dream that God placed in his heart. In his account of the journey south, he recalls: "Then they said women: 'What is God doing now?' Because I was dressed as a priest. So one day I say: 'Stop it ... God. Look out there - and there was a beautiful meadow of flowers - continue to do your job. You don't see the flowers, the plants, and the bombs we made. "

Although today we live 'calm', we are often disconsolate and demoralized in front of a world for which it is important to produce, in which we find it hard to trust others and in which, for a quiet life, we settle on our habits and risk abandoning ourselves the courage that must guide us.

Paul tells us “Everything is yours: the world, life, death, the present, the future. But you are of Christ and Christ is of God ”.

On the paths of mercy we have concluded the journey to the sanctuary of St. Michael the Archangel: with Jesus and only with him can we overcome evil and, courageously, do good while remaining in his love.