Shared Education

We believe that education is everyone's responsibility . For this reason, in Nomadelfia we speak of "joint and several education ". The environment and the context of life are determining factors for the formation of a personality: children learn what they live.

A son is a gift for everyone . It would not be possible to live fraternity if we did not all, individually and collectively, feel this educational responsibility towards the children who live next to us.

The family maintains its individuality, and for the children the first points of reference remain the parents. But at the same time, children know they can rely on other adults, as both affective and educational figures.

The Family School

School is an important moment in the educational process; a moment that goes beyond simple education . The family school of Nomadelfia does not want to form Nomadelfi , but balanced, honest and responsible citizens who know how to insert themselves in the social fabric with serenity .

Our pedagogical model is called " living school " because it aims at training that prepares you for life , rejecting any form of notionism.

First of all, the teaching of the Family School of Nomadelfia   it is based on solidarity and collaboration . Universal values such as fraternity, justice, generosity and solidarity are transmitted at school. Furthermore, education is understood as a valorisation of one's talents , as a service to humanity and not as an instrument of social ascent. Children are educated to feel personally responsible and involved in all aspects of family, community and social life .

The family school of Nomadelfia teaches to enhance each person .

In teaching, we try to respect the times of the boy, evaluate his particular training needs, enhancing his specificities, developing all skills , even practical and socio-relational ones. Children learn to confront their classmates without competition .

In the school of Nomadelfia no grades are given, but we compare with the families to consider first of all the boy's commitment.

Even in the comparison with the adult, the relationship is a continuation of motherhood and fatherhood that is lived outside the classroom. It is a less hierarchical relationship, more equal, in the belief that one learns more from a brother than from a superior . At the end of each school cycle, the children take the final exam at the public school as privatists.

Life at school

According to the teaching of Don Zeno,   all life is school . Having a culture does not only mean knowing, but living what you know. As citizens, as Catholics and as Nomadelfi, we must be increasingly aware of our mission and updated with respect to the problems of modern society.

The culture

During the school year, the whole population meets at 17.30 for a moment of reflection of about an hour and a half. Generally one listens and discusses a meditation by Don Zeno on the various aspects of community life, but the topics dealt with may vary according to the current situation and needs.

Spiritual exercises and retreats

Anyone who lives a vocation periodically feels the need to stop and reflect on their life, recognizing the difficulties and strengths. For this, a course of spiritual exercises is carried out every year for all those who live in the community.

The children also follow a course of spiritual exercises, appropriate to their age, which also includes many recreational moments. Formative moments are then dedicated to Postulants, that is, people who have applied to live in the community, but are still carrying out a trial period.

The Nomadelfia Study Center

Each year, the Study Center of Nomadelfia offers those who wish it the opportunity to deepen the charisma and spirituality of Don Zeno. The Study Center originates from the idea of Don Zeno to give life to a university study of Nomadelfia , with two objectives: to give scientific dignity to Nomadelfia's system of life values , and to create a dialogue with contemporary culture.