Families Together

The families of Nomadelfia do not live in isolation, but in family groups. A family group consists of three, four or five families, plus unmarried people, with a number of members between 20 and 35 people. Today there are 12 family groups in Nomadelfia: 11 in Grosseto and one in Rome.

The family group is the founding cell of Nomadelfia. Fraternity could not be fully lived if we did not share all aspects of life.

By living together we learn mutual acceptance and the pardon. 

Since 2012, in every family group there is also a chapel with the Eucharist, which is our strength and heart of our life.

Life in the family group

Physically, the family group is composed of a central house and a series of small houses intended for the single family.

In the central house you live the life of the day: we find the kitchen, the dining room, the services, other rooms where you iron and where the children do their homework or play. In the houses we find the bedrooms, for the night and moments of rest, so that each family retains its individuality. Outside we find the vegetable gardens and spaces where children can play.

The Presidency also appoints a group leader, who has the task of promoting harmony between the various components, in addition to coordinating practical activities.

For work and household chores, the organization tries to ensure the presence of parents in the family.

During the ordinary working days we organize ourselves so that at least one mother is always present in the house, since most of the women of Nomadelfia today he has one or more job roles outside the home.

One day a week is dedicated to working in the group (vegetable gardens, extraordinary cleaning). Working in the group represents a moment of communion for both adults and children, that spending an afternoon with the adults of the group experience an important moment of educational sharing.

The Affido Familia

The care of orphan children and children, the response to the social emergency of abandonment at the turn of the wars, represent the first spark that gave birth to Nomadelfia

Today this phenomenon is less extensive, but still exists, in less obvious but more complex forms. For this Nomadelfia it's still active in the field of hospitality, in the legal form of foster care.

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