On May 10, 2018 Pope Francis will visit Nomadelfia and Loppiano (citadel of the Focolare Movement), two realities characterized by the spirit of Unity and the Evangelical Fraternity.

At 8.05 am the landing of the Holy Father in Nomadelfia and the welcome by the Bishop of Gosseto Mons. Rodolfo Cetoloni, Don Ferdinando Neri (current Successor of Don Zeno) and Francesco Matterazzo, President of the Community are expected.

The program includes three moments:

Stop in the cemetery on the tomb of Don Zeno;

Visit to a family group;

Meeting with the population in the Don Zeno room (moment of celebration for young people and speech by the Holy Father).

The departure of the Pope is expected at 9.30, who will leave Nomadelfia to go to Loppiano.

Faced with the desire expressed by many to be able to participate in the event, Nomadelfia is moving in search of ways to meet everyone. Precise indications will be provided as soon as possible. We await indications from the Vatican Gendarmerie.