Fraternal Work

Nomadelfia wants to live the work as an act of love, free and disinterested; wants to show that it is possible to live a life based on gratuitousness. 

For this reason, the Nomadelfi work within the community without asking for compensation in return. In no family are paid for cooking, repairing a sink or treating children: because it is free work, done for love.

In doing so, one lives an integral fraternity, in which differences are eliminated.


 At Nomadelfia, we are all available to do whatever work is necessary: every job is useful for life and therefore has its dignityto.

Heavy or repetitive jobs are carried out in turn, or together by the entire population. We call them "mass jobs". 

Don't get paid it does not mean to refuse the use of the denaror, which is an indispensable means of exchange in the modern world, to relate with the outside and with the State, use the services and pay taxes.  

Work in Cooperative Form

According to the provisions of the Constitution Nomadelfia is committed to supporting activities and initiatives "to material relief and spiritual elevation of humanity". 

The whole life of Nomadelfia is set to principle of gratuitousness, on being for others.

To be able to manage part of the work activities and ensure that our work is recognized by the State, two cooperatives have been set up: the Agricultural Cooperative and the Cultural Cooperative.

There Cultural Cooperative Nomadelfia is responsible for publications and archive management.

There Agricultural Cooperative and Work Nomadelfia deals with agricultural activities and product sales. The cooperative hires the persons necessary to carry out agricultural activities and related maintenance and repair activities for a limited and fixed time. The cooperative pays INPS contributions and salaries to those hired. These in turn benefit from the social security benefits provided for employees in agriculture.

The Voluntary and Free Commitment

An important part of Nomadelfia's activities is aimed ateducation of children, and in particular within the family school. Among the care activities there is also theaccompaniment of the elderly and of people hosted in communities with need for assistance.

In Nomadelfia are also present various laboratories and offices, who are dedicated to satisfying a part of the needs of a small people of about 300 people.

in clothing and footwear stores There are items purchased wholesale or donated by individuals or companies. The others workshops take care of construction and maintenance of buildings, of machines and household appliances. 

    in offices we find the people who deal with the all administrative, fiscal and social security aspects. Then there is a historical archive and a photographic archive; an office that follows the legal aspects related to child custody; an office that manages the reception of guests. 

    In addition tothe domestic activities, the works of maintenance and cleaning, the Nomadelfi are busy:

    • in 'welcome of visitors interested in learning about the experience;
    • in 'apostolate;
    • in 'Help to all those people who find themselves in situations of temporary or permanent poverty.

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