Just over a month is missing at the start of the Nomadelfia summer tour

The "Nomadelfia Evenings" are an original and engaging way in which Nomadelfia makes itself known through dances performed by its young people, very short videos and dazzling interventions on the style of the commedia dell'arte, which make it an artistic event and an exciting life message , which continues to involve and excite.

But it is above all the atmosphere of friendship and the dream of a freer, fairer and fraternal world that dwells in the heart of every man to give the Evenings a charm that after 50 years has not fogged and that continues, after more than a thousand replicas , to fill the squares.

It is a living testimony that attentive eyes can recognize in all their gestures even when setting up the systems, and when, at the end of the show, in about an hour, working together, they disassemble, load everything onto the trucks, clean the square.

This year their tour will mainly take place in Emilia Romagna and the Nomadelfi caravan will touch Marina di Grosseto (16/07), Viserba (22/07), San Patrignano (reserved for guests of the structure) (25/07), Longiano (28/07), Pesaro (30-31/07), Riccione (2/08), Fano (5-6/08), Cesenatico (8/08), Rimini - Rivabella (11/08), Rimini - Rivazzurra (13/08), Sarsina (18/08), Santarcangelo di Romagna (20/08).

The "Evenings" are addressed without distinction to all components of the population, from young people to families, to believers and non-believers, and are a unique event of its kind. Through the "Evenings" prepared in collaboration by parents and children in long months of trials, Nomadelfia wants to bring everywhere in the world the message that fraternity is possible, that alone can change the face of humanity and restore hope to it.

"What do we bring? - said the founder Don Zeno. - We bring our life. They are men to introduce themselves, not nice ideas. Nomadelfia is a fraternal people even if small and it may be that its testimony manages to move many, because today more than ever a movement of people is needed that realizes fraternity to transform the world".

St. John Paul II, who met them in a memorable evening performed for him in Castelgandolfo on August 12, 1980 and then went to visit them in Grosseto on May 21, 1989, called these shows "singular apostolic itineraries destined to bear fruit".

And recently in the visit to Nomadelfia on 10 May 2018, Pope Francis brought his encouragement to continue to bring a message of joy and hope: “Faced with a world that is sometimes hostile to the ideals preached by Christ, do not hesitate to respond with the joyful and serene witness of your life, inspired by the Gospel ”.

A show-proposal that requires sacrifice, commitment and at the same time to give space to inventiveness and creativity to young protagonists. An exciting adventure, whose suggestion is communicated to the spectator, leaving everyone with joy, emotion, amazement and the awareness that each of us is called to make our life something great.