With a reflection by Don Zeno of 25 December 1959 we wish everyone a Holy Christmas

“Christmas is a big party, a nice party.

But it is certain that Jesus was received badly by humanity, very badly. Her mother hasn't even found a home to take refuge to give birth to her son. And so that story has continued over the centuries.

If we had wanted to look for the Baby Jesus today, we certainly would have found him who knows where, where we do not imagine him. We would have found it in children who were born and killed when they were born; perhaps we would have found it in children who, as soon as they were born, were abandoned by their parents; perhaps we would find it in certain places where misery, hunger and suffering make everything sad.

If you want to see Christmas, you must not go to our Church or to the others, you have to go, with your imagination, to the caves, to the hovels, in the midst of that blood that flows innocently: there is weeping of Christ. Then go to church, to the temple to offer your life for their redemption with hands bloodied by that blood.

We go to that Christmas and we will find the immense joy of being who we must be,

Pray to baby Jesus to enlighten you, pray to the Madonna who has experienced all this sadness, this cold, this desert to be aware that she became the Mother of God and the Redeemer and the people did not want to host her, sending her to a filthy, dirty, smelly, cold stamberg . Try to ask the Madonna to enlighten you, that makes you feel for a moment that sadness, that bitterness, a moment only that tears ...! Pray.

Let's not misunderstand: I mean that Christmas of that Child Jesus who will say in the Last Judgment: "It was I in them ... And you didn't see me". We, on the other hand, must pray to God to show it to us and that we can point it out to others.

We must see Christmas in the depths of human suffering as a starting point for a regeneration of the world in ourselves ".