How do you describe an emotion? Words always seem inadequate when we need to tell an experience that fully involves us. It always seems to leave out an important detail, or a very significant phrase. How can we describe what happened to Prophetic Economy 2.0 on Sunday 9 June? How to define all the stimuli that started from the youngest, which have also proven to be the most concrete, enthusiastic, proactive? I am reminded of Don Zeno who often reminded us of a great truth: "those who only understand, do not understand, those who participate understand". Maybe it really is. To understand Prophetic Economy you should participate in it, you should breathe that family spirit, mutual affection, total trust that can only arise when you share a deep communion with fellow travelers from very different experiences but with a great goal that unites us: save our common home, make it welcoming especially for the poorest, which are the ones most affected by the effects of the environmental crisis. So it no longer matters if the speaker is from Nomadelfia, if he belongs to the Focolare movement or to GCCM, because the challenge before us is greater than us, of our movements, of our selfishness. To save our common home, the time has come to be united. I could express myself in the words of a young social entrepreneur who in the final thanks told us: "you are the Amazon of the economy: give oxygen to the world". Or I could tell you about the guys from the Naples group, who have already proposed a Prophetic Economy Young, in which "young people will organize everything and adults will leave the room for a separate program".

Perhaps it could be summarized in the words of Luigino Bruni, who to define what we have experienced and that we are trying to build said: “Action comes from pain, not from pleasure. If I go around the city and don't suffer from the clochard outside the church, from the abandonment of our suburbs ... I don't do anything. " And then: "Being together to be together is useless. We are together because there is an urgency to which we want to respond. [...] The movements must understand that the Church is not their small movement, it is all humanity. We got together because like San Francesco we understood that rebuilding San Damiano is too little. The church is not San Damiano, it is all humanity. "  

But why make a Propehtic Economy 2.0? Because what we want to create is not an event, a conference where experts talk and others listen. We wanted to start a process in which organizations, movements, companies, adults and children could return home with concrete projects to help each other carry out their mission better and more. "Moving from the econo-mia to the econo-nostra, from the I to the us: a space where people come, meet and new things are born."