Nei mesi di gennaio e febbraio si sono svolti gli Esercizi Spirituali per tutta Nomadelfia. Gli Esercizi Spirituali coinvolgono tutta la popolazione in tre fasce di età: bambini, giovani ed adulti. A 100 anni dal primo passo del nostro fondatore, don Zeno, verso una nuova civiltà, abbiamo riflettuto sull’importanza e sulla necessità di raggiungere l’Unum fraterno.

Nomadelfia organizes ten days of community spiritual exercises every year. This is a useful and fundamental period for our fraternal journey. A real grace!
Staying away from commitments and withdrawn from daily routine is a need for us vocations which allows us to "take time to give time".
Stopping, listening, "looking inside" in the light of the word of God and the founder and above all, verifying the relationships between us in the light of the truth, makes us stronger and brighter, that "united and united little people" that Don Zeno wanted so much.

Even though each of us is important and precious, we are nothing alone, we cannot do anything. With the others we are a force!

This year we went to the heart, to the roots of our vocation one hundred years after Don Zeno's decision to "change civilization starting from myself". He wrote on October 13, 1968: "To convert and save the world there is no other way of being unum among us" so that the people seeing that we are true brothers among us will know Jesus, way, truth and life.

This is the favorable time!