The spirit of Nomadelfia is to be constantly and constantly ready for the apostolate: for this reason we are always available to accept requests for witness in parishes, associations, groups of families. If you want to request a testimony or a meeting in your city, fill out the form.

Porta Nomadelfia in your city:


The "Nomadelfia Evenings" are modern and folk dance performances that are held each year in some squares of Italy. The dancers are the boys of the same Nomadelfia, with the help and support of some external professionals. The show is interspersed with some moments of reflection, with the aim of promoting a culture of fraternity and solidarity.

The "Nomadelfia Evenings" were conceived and brought to light in 1966. Since then, the shows have been replicated every summer, each time in a different region of Italy, with some shows abroad.

If you want to organize an evening in your city, fill out the form.


"The boys of Don Zeno" tells the story of Don Zeno, from the choice of the priesthood to the flowering of Nomadelfia.

The actors are the sons of Nomadelfia, helped and directed by some external professionals. It is a "journey" that, through the history of Italy in the 30s and 40s, invites us to reflect on our social reality and on what we can do to build a better world today.

It is a message of fraternity and hope, but above all an invitation to solidarity and acceptance. The show was replicated in Grosseto, Mirandola, Milan, Como, Rome and Bologna.

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