"On that occasion, I was hiring an eighteen-year-old boy as a son. I was making a revolution because I went beyond the concept of assistance. I sank with this daring act of faith in the hearts of the people to make me father, brother, friend of his most ruined children.

I take him as a son: I marry the Church and thus I give her a son of those who are troubled. A man was born into the world: "they were not born of blood, nor of instinct, nor of the will of man, but were born of God" (Jn 1:13). Don Zeno

From this spark of the Spirit Nomadelfia will be born and developed. It is important for us to return and remember the origins of the vocation: it is like cooling off at the sources to strengthen the spirit and start again with new vigor.

Faith will accompany him and guide him in beautiful moments and in dark and painful moments.

With these words Don Zeno describes the trajectory of his life:

A Faith sets the pace for me.

I have no other way, I have never had

other way, if not the Faith in Christ.

He is my only perfect model

that I dare to follow to imitate him

just because He said

that I can follow him.

I have never had, if not this

road and I have never looked for others.

I sinned? Yes.

Did I have forgiveness? Yes.

I loved? I think so.

How much? I do not know.