The month of January collects for Nomadelfia the date of many important events that have marked its history and development:

  • January 6, 1931: "First Mass" of Don Zeno in the cathedral of Carpi. Don Zeno takes Danilo, nicknamed Barile, as his son. From that day Nomadelfia will welcome thousands of children as children.
  • January 22, 1933: visit made by the Bishop of Carpi Msgr. Giovanni Pranzini at the nascent Nomadelfia (then Opera Piccoli Apostoli) in San Giacomo Roncole (MO).
  • January 22, 1962: celebration of Don Zeno's "Second First Mass" afterwards 9 long years from secularization, obtained pro gratia, by the Holy Father.
  • January 15, 1981: departure of Don Zeno for eternal life.