"Therefore whoever hears these words of mine and puts them into practice will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain fell, the rivers overflowed, the winds blew and fell on that house, but it did not fall, because it was founded on the rock "(Mt 7,24-29).

In January and February the people of Nomadelfia took time to stop and listen to the Word of God. As in-depth information on the documents of the Church and the words and writings of Don Zeno, the founder. In fact, as foreseen by their Constitution, the Nomadelfi participate in 10 days of Spiritual Exercises every year. Even the children live this experience, according to times and methods best suited to their age. Why stop when there is so much to do? To understand the reasons for this choice, it is useful to remember what Don Zeno often reiterated: "Nomadelfia is an act of faith!" It is a life based entirely on the Gospel, on Christ, a sure rock. But to build on secure foundations it is necessary to clarify within oneself. It is necessary to always return to the origins of one's vocation / call from God. It is necessary to renew one's motivations from time to time.

We know it well. The frenzy of life often makes us lose our bearings. We run without knowing where we are going. We do a thousand activities without remembering why we are doing them. We weigh ourselves down with many things, leaving out what really matters in our life. The Spiritual Exercises then want to be a path of novelty, of renewal. And we cannot do all this alone, but by letting the Holy Spirit enter us.

To complete this process of re-conversion this year the Nomadelfi went to the Shrine of Spogliazione, in Assisi, where they met the Bishop, Mons. Domenico Sorrentino. A very intense, unscheduled meeting, in which the Bishop explained the meaning of the gesture made by Francis: the stripping of clothes and the handing over to Father Pietro of Bernardone of what belonged to him.

“Because the things of this world are also beautiful, they come from the Lord, but when we live them badly, like the father of Francis, they are things that make us lean towards the earth. Instead Francis - arms raised towards heaven, towards the Father, a new freedom - distances himself from the things that weigh us down and becomes capable of hovering like a bird upwards. Undressing means hovering upwards and also becoming capable of reconciliation with one's enemies, with the different ones and even of reconciliation with our greatest enemy which is death. So undress to become one and this is beautiful. "

The Shrine of Stripping was inaugurated on May 20, 2017. In view of the occasion, Pope Francis had sent an extraordinary message to the Bishop of Assisi, which collects two invitations. An invitation for everyone to strip themselves "rather than of things, of themselves, putting aside the selfishness that makes us perish in our interests and in our goods, preventing us from discovering the beauty of the other and the joy of opening his heart" ; an invitation for the Church to strip itself of "worldliness by putting on the values of the Gospel".

“And we - underlined Msgr. Domenico Sorrentino - have made a project in the Diocese that is not as beautiful and narrow as that of Nomadelfia, but it helps us because it wants to renew Christian communities by making them become a network. Many small spiritual families that we call the Families of the Gospel ”.

The proposal is to create in the parishes groups of brothers and sisters who commit themselves to live fraternity in the spirit of the first Christian communities: "to be one heart and one soul" (Acts 4:32).

And "if communities are renewed in this way and priests also renew in this way, beautiful things happen - he concluded - because putting the Gospel and fraternity together is an explosive mixture for good and do, because the world needs counter-bombs , which are love bombs, like that of Nomadelfia ".

The news of the Pope's arrival in Nomadelfia on May 10th is part of this new path. It is a great invitation to strip ourselves of all that is superstructure in our lives as individuals, families and people, to be free together of the freedom of the free children of God.