The spiritual exercises for the population of Nomadelfia were held between January and February on the theme "Let us walk in the footsteps of Christ together". The younger ones had the opportunity to spend a few days in the mountains, at the Cimone Village of the "Giorgio La Pira Youth Opera", where they questioned themselves on discernment.

Spiritual exercises are a period of grace, a precious opportunity to listen and renew adhesion to one's vocation. Various issues addressed through personal reflection and open confrontation: fraternity, family life, education, sobriety, obedience, mutual forgiveness, prayer, love for the people and as a conclusion the commitment.

The mission entrusted to us is so high that we never feel adequate, because they are too small and lacking. It is the Lord who reminds us that "you did not choose me, but I chose you because you go and bear fruit and your fruit remains. " Let's start again with the awareness that we cannot rely on our strength and with the firm will to follow in Christ's footsteps together: On Your word Lord, let us throw the nets!