Free from the idolatry of I and mine

There is something particularly alive today in the air of Nomadelfia. Passing through the houses you can perceive the unusual excitement of special occasions: the shouting of children, the appeal of adults, the busyness of everyone from early morning to loading and unloading objects and boxes from tractors and vans. Today, in fact, "change group": as required by the Constitution, every three years all the families of Nomadelfia move to go and live each in a different family group.

They only carry personal belongings and, when necessary, little more, leaving furniture, furnished rooms, vegetable gardens, homes, all in order for those who will soon occupy the rooms, in an extraordinary and vital rotation.

Of course, explained Don Ferdinando, "sometimes the concern that tends to dominate is what I leave, what I wear, what I find and therefore how I organize myself". But if this prevailed, the change would be a pure external formality, a pure and simple move. Instead, change is an opportunity to return to the deep motivations of one's vocation, both on a personal and family level. It is to respond to this vocation that we have chosen to be poor, free from attachment to things, to open up to new bonds, ready to concretely love whoever the Lord puts beside us.

All this is breathed in the joy that shines on people's faces, large and small. It is like experiencing a sort of great Jubilee on a small scale, when debts were forgiven, slaves freed and lands redistributed. It is a new restart, the sign that you want to always be willing to question yourself.

An almost insignificant fact, a handful of families in an almost unknown corner of the Maremma. Yet, Pope Francis said in a speech last February, changes in the order of spirit and therefore of life are not tied to large numbers. It is not necessary to be many to change the world: it is enough that the salt and yeast do not become distorted. They are the small realities which, scattered here and there throughout the world, hold a great hope for Christianity and humanity.