Love always gives life, "says Pope Francis at the opening of the fifth chapter of Amoris Laetitia. These same words, taken from the Permanent Episcopal Council, introduce us to the celebration of the National Day for Life 2018, focused on the theme "The Gospel of life, joy for the world".

In the reflection of the Italian Bishops, it is recalled that life is always a gift, which at the same time implies a great responsibility. From this awareness comes the invitation not to feed a culture closed to the meeting, a culture that manifests itself "in the exasperated search for personal or partisan interests, in aggressions against women, in indifference to the poor and migrants, in violence against the life of children since conception and of the elderly marked by extreme fragility ”.

The supreme law of human nature is the right to life, to freedom, therefore to the dignity of each and every one ", wrote Don Zeno in 1956.

It is up to us Christians to witness the Gospel of life and joy, without many words, first of all by living "with a grateful heart the fatigue of human existence, without naivety or illusory self-reference", continues the message of the Bishops.

The pope reminds us that “only a community with an evangelical breadth is capable of transforming reality and healing from the tragedy of abortion and euthanasia; a community that knows how to make itself "Samaritan" by bending over torn, wounded, discouraged human history; a community that recognizes with the psalmist: "You will show me the path of life, full joy in your presence, endless sweetness on your right" (Ps 16:11) ".

Love for the family has always been alive in Don Zeno, who did not neglect an opportunity to operate, write and speak in defense of his unity and his determining social and ecclesial importance. Faced with the experience of thousands of children from disastrous families, he had concretely verified that the family is a truly irreplaceable and irrepressible need for man. Founded on love and open to the gift of life, the family embodies the future of society, as no future can be built for man except through it.

The imminent visit of Pope Francis to Nomadelfia, next May 10, "is undoubtedly a spur to bring the proposal of an evangelical fraternal life to a world that always seems pushed towards individualism" - commented Francesco di Nomadelfia, current president of the community. Today the words of the pope sound very similar to those of Don Zeno, who in 1954 stated: “To despise a person is a lack of love. Because every human person is the image and likeness of God, creature of God: whoever strikes man strikes God ".