Peace comes from justice. It is not enough to hope for peace, it is necessary to review oneself and strive to build a fairer society together with others. With a thought of Don Zeno of January 1, 1963 we wish everyone best wishes for the new year!

“Today is the first of the year, that is, the earth has made a tour around the sun, and about 365 days and 6 hours have passed on this tour. We were born and it's not like we can start our tour all over again, we don't have a tour around anything, we don't have a spin to end up in ourselves, we walk in time, but we go to eternal life. We were born to go through eternal life through death. And, after our death, the judgment.

Any work we do in this time, in this life, is judged by God. If we offend a person, we offend God; if we do good to a person, we do good to the heart according to God; if we are unjust, we are judged unjust by God; if we are righteous, we are judged righteous by God. Any moment of our existence is judged.

The first of the year makes us think that life passes. Do we have any person we don't love on earth? We are murderers before God. It does not say: “Whoever hates is a murderer. Whoever does not love is a murderer ”. He is guilty of killing his brother in the soul, because we are children of God.

The first day of the year is a day on which this consideration can be made: “What do we do here on earth? What are we doing?"We get up in the morning, eat something if there is, then work; noon comes, another hunger comes, we eat, we work; evening comes, we go to bed, we sleep; in the morning you wake up, get up, work, etc. and it grows. One grows over the years, that is, it is not that one grows: one does this, then one returns like this, and dies.

We are co-responsible for the good that is done in the world, for good and for evil. We can't blame ... who? Who do we blame for the evil that happens in the world? To us!

When men have understood that everyone is responsible, co-responsible for social evils, then the world will change. But as long as everyone believes he is the victim of others' harm, the world will never change. Here is Christianity: to see that we are children of God, that we are on the passing earth, that even if, like animals, we eat, drink, sleep, we nevertheless have a spirit, which is no longer because we eat, because we sleep, to work. Our spirit is the repetition of God on earth. And we, therefore, while saying "the first of the year", today we must do our purpose which must be this: "I am a child of God, I am a creature of God, I pass on earth and I will be judged. If I have been righteous I will be among the righteous and will have eternal life; and if I have not been righteous, I will be condemned".