If it is true that Nomadelfia was born from the dream of a new civilization, we cannot ignore the cry of the earth, of the poor and young people who claim their right to a livable and clean planet. For this reason, also this year, taking up Pope Francis' invitation, Nomadelfia will be present at the Village for Earth, the great environmental and civil awareness event promoted by Earth Day Italia and organized in collaboration with the Focolare Movement in Rome, Agencies of the United Nations, MIUR and the Ministry of the Environment. This year we will be particularly busy on the fight against world hunger.
On April 25th, 27th and 28th we will be present at the Galoppatoio in Villa Borghese in the Children's Area, alongside Boys for Unity, for workshops and awareness-raising games on the topic of food waste. On April 29 at 9.30 we will be present in the square n. 10 to talk about the relationship between world hunger and energy production.
We hope many of you will come!