We have been talking about it for three years, because the contacts began in late 2016, but now it is a matter of moving on to the facts.  Nomadelfia will go to Tanzania.

In risposta all’invito dei monaci del monastero di Mvimwa, i Nomadelfi hanno deciso di realizzare un gruppo familiare nella regione di Rukwa, la più povera della Tanzania, uno degli Stati più poveri del mondo.

The intention is to bring the Nomadelfia proposal among those populations. Fraternizing families is a perspective which, in a traditionally supportive world, can represent the innovative proposal capable of identifying new forms of social development.

Non andremo a fare i maestri, né a proporre le logiche della civiltà occidentale che sono fondate sull’individualismo, sulla ricerca del benessere personale, ecc.

Non andremo a portare un benessere economico, perché non siamo una azienda, né una ONG.

We will go, on tiptoe, to share a life, to live as brothers. In the invitation letter, Abbot Pambo pointed out to us a Latin motto, which sums up the meaning of our departure well: Simul eamus, let's walk together.

Tutto questo potrebbe sembrare poco logico, anche perché le difficoltà che ci sono state messe davanti sembrano insuperabili: la lingua, la cultura, lo stile di vita, ecc. Ma non possiamo fondare questo andare su calcoli umani, sul “mi conviene o non mi conviene”…

We have been called and we try to respond, trusting in the Lord and in the shocking strength of the Gospel.

For the small and poor reality of Nomadelfia it undoubtedly represents a great commitment of people, of energies. As always, we trust in Providence, which will undoubtedly support us in this initiative.

We will start by buying some land and we will build the houses for a family group in the style of the houses of the neighboring village and at the same time we will begin to learn some terms of the Swahili language and make ourselves known.  And in this, younger children who have already learned the sign of the cross, greetings, the names of animals and body parts, are preceding us.

To carry out this project we also need your help.

We ask you to support us as you can, especially with prayer so that God's will will be done. Thank you