The good is always new, always fresh. It is important in everyday life to know how to see, appreciate and grasp it as a gift.

This sentence from Matthew's gospel which the bishop of Rimini Msgr. Francesco Lambiasi, can be the summary of the month of summer apostolate spent in Romagna from 20 July to 21 August 2019. By bringing a proposal of fraternal life through the evenings to the squares of various cities, the children and parents of Nomadelfia felt called not only to give an evangelical message to the people, but also to welcome the many signs and gifts that made the presence alive of the Lord.

One of these gifts has certainly been the fraternity lived intensely in the everyday life of camping - this year in the premises of the Liceo Alessandro Serpieri in Viserba - which has seen young and old collaborating in service shifts, in the organization of trips and recreational moments, in the preparation of the Evenings.

There were moments of leisure and recreation, like the hours spent at the sea and at the Aquapark in Riccione, the mountain trips to the suggestive Acquacheta waterfalls and the walk to Mount Sasso Simone, a good opportunity to spend days immersed in nature, in the silence of Creation, walking cool and admiring the surrounding wonders.

There have also been strong moments of living school with visits to "Italy in miniature" and "Casa Pascoli", to the cities of San Marino, Rimini and Ravenna, places rich in history and artistic beauty.

Also loaded with meaning encounters with realities of community life, different from ours, but close in the spirit of faith and elevation of man and his dignity, such as the community of San Patrignano, Pope John XXIII and the parish of Viserba.

We can't forget also the many people who have been close to us with prayer, collaboration and above all with their friendship and with whom a true brotherhood relationship has been created.

"Do not get used to seeing the good" recalls St. John Calabria and "Beautiful things are done first, then thought" said Don Oreste Benzi.

This wants to be the wish to transmit to others through a joyful life because we have met Christ and as Don Zeno tells us: “If we carry ourselves because there is Christ with us, then it is the Holy Spirit who is with us and illuminates us and what we do and what we say certainly becomes manna of Heaven, that is, the Spirit who enters the people ”.