Intergenerational day of study and work: "The biodiversity of talents for the care of our common home ". June 9, 2019


Already on the occasion of the conclusions of "Prophetic Economy - For The People, Planet and our Future" -  with 500 participants from over 40 countries of the five continents, who gathered from 2 to 4 November 2018 at the International Mariapolis Center of Castel Gandolfo, near Rome (Italy) - Jean Tonglet ATD Quart Monde recalled that one of the fundamental conditions for realizing a prophetic economy is that of treasuring our diversity. This ours biodiversity cultural, spiritual, talented, it will produce fruits whose flavor and color we cannot even imagine.

Bringing together is not only to reach the critical mass for change, but also to affirm the firm will to reach out to those who are in danger if they remain alone. "Let no one remain alone in the commitment to poverty" he said Don Wresinski, founder of ATD, because loneliness feeds discouragement, anxiety and creates serious harm to people.

With this spirit that as a promoter group we gather from the experience lived in "Prophetic Economy" (PE), we propose this new stage of our walking together, adults and children, towards a new story of equity, justice, sustainability and peace, in a path that speaks of the future not only with the voice but with the facts.

We will start with this first meeting of the three scheduled this year to ask ourselves in particular about how to innovate with respect to the combination of economy and ecology, remembering what he said Luigino Bruni in its conclusions < <ll termine “innovate”Comes from botany: when a plant innovates, it means that it emits a new bud. Innovation comes from the land, from the attendance of farmers, places of poverty, has to do with life, from the "daily attendance of life" through practices. >>

We want to propose this intergenerational day of fraternity to whom we hope you become our road companion: to representatives of associations, movements, various organizations, secular and religious communities, in Italy and worldwide.

At the origin of the project is an international network composed of six organizations: Pope John XXIII Community, Nomadelfia, Global Catholic Climate Movement, ATD Fourth World Movement, World Community of Community and Family Association, the SlotMob initiative and the Focolare Movement with its Economy of Communion and Teens for Unity initiatives . 

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The event will take place in the Nomadelfia headquarters in Rome.