At the end of March, around 300 boys from the Salesian institute Pius XI spent a few hours of the morning in the family group of Nomadelfia in Rome. Three days dedicated to high school students (respectively the biennium, the 3rd, 4th and 5th higher) and a day of knowledge for the teachers: a nice opportunity to live together a moment of reflection and prayer near Easter.

Among the in-depth topics, vocation, sharing, fraternity. The leitmotif of reflection, the Resurrection. Whoever believed has looked at a fixed point, the risen Jesus; he began to share life - as the first Christian communities testify - and to plan a possible future: "Go and make disciples of all peoples".

Following Pope Francis' invitation, we left with a simple impetus and a concrete commitment: to be immersed in life and not to look at it from the balcony. In fact, when you look at things from above, they always seem beautiful - like seeing a big city from an airplane - but when you go down and approach it, you see all the problems and contradictions. Just then, the challenge must be accepted without letting enthusiasm be stolen. “Don't look at life from the balcony, please: don't put yourself in the tail of history. Be protagonists! "

We live in a society that would like to make young people "silent and invisible", which finds a thousand ways to "anesthetize and sleep them so that they do not make" noise ", because they do not ask questions and do not question themselves". Pope Francis' wish for Holy Week is especially addressed "to you, dear young people, the joy that Jesus arouses in you is for some reasons of annoyance and also of irritation, because a joyful young man is difficult to manipulate". So let us cultivate this joy and do not remain silent, even if "the world is silent and loses joy".

“Dear young people, are you able to say no? - is the question asked by Don Zeno to young people in 1979 - It is a bad time, and it is beautiful because you could do a lot. What do you want to do? Look at your face: how many are you who can wave, give life? But give life! Say no! We don't want this civilization, we want a new life and you have to do it again. And young people can do it. "