For more than a century, March 8 has been a celebration of women's day. The roots of this festival are to be found in the social inequalities that have always marked the relationship between men and women. A long way has been traveled, but there is still much to go so that the woman is not seen as an object to be used and thrown at will, but with dignity and pride she can walk on equal terms as a man's companion. Revelation offers us a dignified image of the woman placed alongside the man. Over the centuries, an inferior figure has been made of it, without rights. We are not here to make a historical analysis of this discrimination but to remember the road traveled and what still awaits us so that man and woman can walk side by side collaborating, esteeming each other, respecting each other and why not? , loving each other.

“If you don't do your homework, if you don't live as women, it's a cry of the whole world, of all the earth and the sky. When I see women treated badly, sometimes in scandalous, bad, ruinous amusements, I always think: "And yet that woman was born a mother". I seem to see in those cases there as a jewel, a brilliant fallen in the mud, fallen in the dung and you think and I think sometimes if there were other women who thought that there is a brilliant fallen in the dung, in the mud, maybe you run and you can save it.

When I celebrated the First Mass, Don Calabria of Verona who is a saint, he was a dear friend of mine, he said to me: “Listen a little, if you go down the street and see there on the bank of the road. You see a big bright in the mud, in the dung, what are you doing? " I said: "I roll up my sleeves, pull it up, throw it in the water, wash it and laugh at its shine, its brilliance".

(Don Zeno August 15, 1971)