There Mother's Day: some consider it a religious festival, in honor of the Madonna del Rosario of Pompeii, for others it is just a commercial feast. But few know that this holiday was born in the United States
as a celebration of peace, when Julia Ward Howe, a pacifist and abolitionist activist, proposed the establishment of the Mother's Day for Peace, as a moment of reflection against the war, but the initiative was unsuccessful. In 1908 it was the turn of Anna Jarvis, who celebrated the modern day Mother's Day in the form of a memorial in honor of her mother, a peace activist. Jarvis's celebration spread and became very popular, so much so that it was made official by President Woodrow Wilson in 1914.

Today Nomadelfia wants to celebrate this day by remembering its original meaning, remembering that there can be no peace where there is no love and justice.
Greetings to all mothers!

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