È stata la benedizione del Vescovo di Rimini Francesco Lambiasi a dare inizio alle danze in piazza Adamello, una Serata accompagnata da circa 800 persone attente e coinvolte. «Dove due o tre sono riuniti nel mio nome, io sono con loro», ha ricordato ai ballerini, ai babbi e alle mamme di Nomadelfia radunati dietro al palco prima dell’inizio dello spettacolo. «Prego con voi perché la gente che è venuta questa sera veda che non siete 50, 100 o 130, ma che siete uno solo».

È un messaggio forte quello lanciato nelle piazze attraverso balli, video, canti e scene recitate. È possibile vivere come fratelli. È possibile anche oggi vivere i valori del Vangelo. La solidarietà, la condivisione e la giustizia non sono un’utopia, ma occorre cominciare da se stessi, senza pretendere che siano gli altri a cambiare per primi.

At the end of the evening it was the Bishop who addressed the last greeting from the stage: «I would like to say to all of you that together we enjoyed this splendid show what is behind the scenes. I have seen, Nomadelfia is this but it is also everything behind it ... There are many people who do not appear here but who are behind the scenes: costume designers, those who mount the stage, the lights, the sound and all the rest. [...] We will remember this day for a long time. Yesterday's day has passed and there is nothing more we can do. Today has left us this beautiful sign, we don't burn everything tonight. That this trail of light from Nomadelfia really continues to lighten our path. I greet you with the Scout greeting: good way to all! ».

To strengthen a friendship that had already begun with Don Zeno, the Bishop a few days earlier he had met the nomadelfs in Viserba engaged in the summer tour and spent a morning together.

"There was a little heart that had been like this since he was born (he contracted and relaxed)," he began by asking the children for permission to tell a short but short story. «The heart is a muscle, it receives blood from the veins and sends it to the arteries. But one day this heart got tired of doing the same thing, even at night, every day, even on holidays. "Stop it! Ugh! I got bored!"said this heart. "I just want to receive, because I'm tired of giving." And in a few seconds he received blood from his whole body, so much so that he was about to burst and said: “No, no, no, no ... I want to close the valve of the veins and I want to open only the valve of the arteries. I just want to give, give, give, no longer receive. " But in a few moments he no longer had the blood coming from his veins and pof, pof, pof ... was about to suffocate. Then he immediately reopened the valve of the veins keeping both open and said: “Aahhh! So it is beautiful! Receive and give. Receive TO give ”. Jesus had already said it. For free you have received, freely give ».