A group of pilgrims from the Jeunesse Lumière school of evangelization were guests of Nomadelfia. Here is their thanks.

We arrived here as little poor people and you welcomed us like royalty! You fed us abundantly, you took care of us, brought to the doctor, 1 time, 2 times, 3, 4, 5 times! ... with patience and kindness, you have not treated us as strangers, but as brothers and sisters. The way you live is the word of God in action, your life in Nomadelfia has removed all selfishness from your hearts (blessed are the pure in heart, because they will see God). Thank you for your testimony of brotherly love, of simple joy, of total sharing, as Christ has given everything, you have given everything, your life is all given.

We got it all from you this week. "Everything you have done to the least of you, you have done to me." We spent wonderful moments of simplicity in your company, cutting the vegetables with you all, beautiful and radiant women; the smile of your children has healed our hearts and reveals the beauty of the little baby Jesus.

Your generosity is an example of humility and love to which we must and want to be inspired. We don't have much to offer to thank you for what we have received, but be sure that you are each and every one in our prayers, in our hearts, and that we keep ourselves inside the memory of our passage here as a gift from Heaven! Be blessed, filled with grace. You are a light in the world. The world needs you, God needs you. Thanks for your yes!

Jeunesse Lumière, June 2019