Every summer the time comes to leave for the "Nomadelfia Evenings"; this year, however, the evening has changed its style, it presents itself with a new artistic guise: there is great trepidation in everyone.

The alphabet develops as a common thread to send messages, but upside down: from Z, like Zeno, to the A of Love. The themes are many, and every single letter suggests more than one: P for Poverty, Peace, Patience ... and more words for Revolution, Family, Justice, Division, Bliss. Everything makes a spectacle and gives joy, because the Evenings want to bring a message of hope and fraternity.

The Nomadelfia Evenings stopped in Abruzzo and in the Marche, as a concrete sign of closeness and support to the populations affected by the earthquake.

"The message that comes to all of us - underlined Msgr. Giovanni D'Ercole after attending an evening - it is a very simple message: each of us is an ear, a small ear that takes you home. Many ears make a lot of bread, a lot of bread makes a lot of life, a lot of life makes a lot of joy and a lot of joy from so much peace. May it be so, a message that we take home. And each of us in his own small way, but with courage and perseverance, becomes an ear that gives life and brings peace".

With the end of the school year, the presence of guests in Nomadelfia has increased. Those who visit Nomadelfia find welcome and sharing, living the community experience of our families and participating in the beauty of life that does not end in the hills of the Maremma but expands into a new form of fraternity that has no boundaries.

There are those who stop for a few hours, some one day, some more. Each one cherishes deep fears, worries, dreams, expectations, questions; those who feel discouraged, those who have nothing more to believe in, those who seek a way out, an encouragement to start again, a reference, a confirmation; those who want to meditate, pray, those who seek silence; answers to life's problems.

They are young university students who carry out their graduation theses, families, scouts ... there is no age to get to Nomadelfia, to approach it, to enter its life.

And in company we immerse ourselves in everyday life to revive hope, will, personal, family and social commitment. We experience the vitality of a new world, we understand that a new society is possible

“Who alone understands does not understand; who participates includes ". The meeting with Nomadelfia translates into a mutual enrichment of values and precious experiences that widen the view beyond the boundaries of "mine and yours".