Nomadelfia of Rome welcomed and hosted 30 June 2 to 7 young French, Polish, Argentinian, Spanish, Egyptian and African young people from the "Jeunesse lumière" school of prayer.

This school is aimed at young people who want to generously give God one year of their life (from September to June), to form themselves in prayer and mission by becoming witnesses of Christ among other young people. There are four important points:

Prayer, foration, community, mission.

We asked some questions to the founder Daniele Angel, also present this year with his boys.

You who are in contact with many young people from all over the world, how do you see youth today?

It depends on the country, the continent, young people are not the same everywhere. In western countries, North America, Europe, there is a great confusion with the satanic idea of gender: "I don't know if I'm a boy, a girl ..." then the idea of changing sexual identity. There is an urgent need to put the light of God, the light of heaven on the great mystery of sex. "

Why was the school of prayer born?

40 years ago, after returning from Africa after 14 years of mission, I was shocked to see many young people affected by the virus of despair, of sadness. I asked the Lord for the light to see what could be done for all these young people, how to give them hope, strength, joy, great joie de vivre and to make our Lord Jesus known and loved.

It is very important to lay the roots in the heart of Jesus for a lifetime. It is a novitiate to generate new and generous apostles. Thanks to Jesus there will be many fruits.

How is the encounter with Nomadelfia?

I thank you for your wonderful experience, great gift for us to discover this wonderful community loved by Jesus and Pope Francis who came to visit you. Thank you, thank you very much.