The more robust the plant, the deeper the roots have to go down. Only in this way is the spirit nourished. A tree without roots is like a house without a foundation.

It was a Saturday in April. While cleaning the family group I came across a strange figure built with lego bricks, placed on a piece of furniture in the room where children usually play. Below we could see some slightly wrinkled sheets. Without even putting down the broom, I started hastily leafing through the various scribbles with the intention of throwing them into the fireplace.

Between disconnected lines, colored circles and indecipherable writings, a drawing shook me deeply.

Few strokes and four colors in all. The brown line of the ground, a solid and straight trunk, on top a small green crown inhabited by many red fruits. In the sky of the orange swallows and ... under the ground, in transparency, as seen through a glass, the roots of the plant. I left the broom and started looking for the author. "Why did you draw the roots?" - I asked him - "All plants have roots" - he replied. And I still, trying to find out who had suggested such a shrewdness: "It is true, but I cannot see them, they are hidden under the earth" - "Indeed. You don't see them, but they are there. " Davide is 5 years old. He gave me his work of art, which I carefully placed on the desk and every day reminds me of looking at reality with new eyes.

Nomadelfia's life is simple, but not easy or trivial. It is simple because it is not extraordinary. There are children, young people, parents and grandparents, even the priests, each committed according to their own state, yet all on the way to the same goal: "As I have

loved you, so love one another too. " We are like that big trunk, unique but with a thousand shades, made up of billions of moving particles inside. Nomadelfia - said Don Zeno - it must be like that oak with large foliage, always ready to offer some refreshment to those who need it. Yet, it is not an easy life, because it requires every day the humility of recognizing oneself as yet not arrived and the constancy of always getting back on the road together with others, never alone.

This small people, precisely with its flaws and inconsistencies, want to give testimony of their lives. Don Zeno often repeated: “Don't preach. Say what you do. Offer the world a reason for credibility. " It is therefore a matter of telling our life, even in its and therefore our smallness, to bear witness to the Gospel, to launch an appeal to all, Christians and non-Christians alike, to live the law of fraternity, which still has much to say

in our contemporary society. Nomadelfia presents itself to propose this: the invitation to "multiply love in ourselves, in each one, the only force that can save the whole world". It is a love that cannot be imposed, everyone must choose it in himself, and does not come from

Chatter. For this reason Nomadelfia, although traveling to offer the testimony of a new form of social life, “during her long and tried training period, she does not neglect her suffering brother, but she also becomes suffering and, every time she comes across in a man victim of any misfortune, he gets off his horse, acts according to the heart of God ”. Through dance in the summer and at all times through his life, Nomadelfia wants to bring “the good spring air that invites to renew the world, to revive a new life, which can be of all those who want it and not of those who would like to ".

“Dear friends, think that a small acorn creates a large, huge, powerful plant. So let's plant this fact in our hearts: we believe in these seeds and we turn our face to this civilization that led us to drift and we start again, we have to start again, believe in these things. Nomadelfia believed and says: you too believe. Go home tonight and say to yourself: you have to change course". It is always Don Zeno who speaks during an evening. “What does it mean to change civilization in yourself? Change everything! And everyone can do it. We become men, we become people who know how to fight, who know how to solve problems. Let's try to unite everyone, that we are many millions; all, Catholics and non-Catholics, we all have a belly to eat! All brothers. Only we can save the world. We, people! We think that we are brothers and brotherhood saves everything. And here we are already a big block. If we start, dear friends, the world changes ”. It is a message that we wish everyone could reach, for which we make transmitting networks and of which we do not hold the copyright. It is a desire that dwells in the heart of every human being: "the possibility or the hope that men will gradually come to love each other". Yet what really matters is not the message, much less the one who carries it. The foundation lies in communion, not in communication, although important and almost indispensable in our hyper-connected society. Something is communicated (here is the message), but communion is with someone. And Christ is not a brand we want to advertise, also because - let's face it - it doesn't need it very much. He is a person who comes to meet us, with all the unexpected and uncontrollable of any meeting. Christ is in every man. For this reason, first of all we are committed to concretely building a different society, to realizing it in ourselves and, not least, to let ourselves be transformed by the personal encounter with that Someone who called us. The joy of the Gospel that we bring is therefore the joy of a fraternity received, continually to be discovered, lived and revealed to those who do not yet recognize it. Because, we always remember, everything starts from those roots, which not everyone is able to see.