Do we feel responsible and involved by those who are not respected in their human and spiritual needs? Are we asked by the news and images that bring us the suffering and despair of so many human beings every day?


My Lord Jesus, it is superhuman, I would say titanic, to bring into man the idea that we are brothers, because we are children of Heavenly Father himself, and it is even more titanic and thaumaturgical to persuade Catholics themselves to believe that, in order to be your followers, it is necessary to implement your New Commandment within ourselves: “Love one another as I do I loved you. "

but yet it is a miracle that must be done to save our century from the dangers that even threaten its existence. An act of heroes, an act of Faith, an act of love, an act of justice; the concern of the free children of God who are thaumaturgical, overwhelming, fruitful of everything that saves the world drawing it to you in the boundless and lively orbit of your Heart.

We Christians know how to say all these beautiful words well, we speak of your Heart as if nothing had happened and we fill our mouths and souls with big words. But do we know what we say?

“Have mercy on me or God, according to your mercy…. Create in me a pure heart, O God, renew in me a steadfast spirit ”. The defect must also be in me and very serious, because I cannot mold myself to your Will. I know how you, Lord, think it, I know your eternal doctrine, I know you because I have imprinted your eternal Priesthood on me. My Lord, I know who you are, I know enough to dedicate myself to you unconditionally body and soul. I know you so much that sometimes I think of my Indian brothers who die on the streets. They do not have a home, they do not eat enough to stand at least, their children die next to them, they also die in the street. In the middle of the road: here is their fate. And we travel on highways at high speed and even get bored because they are too straight and too comfortable.

We are real wretches, that's the truth. I am sixty-five years old, soon. I have done many beautiful things, but I have moved little, I have not revolutionized my Catholic environment which is scandalously bourgeois and very skeptical, to the point of absurdity; who has built a Christianity that has nothing to do with your Gospel, with your idea, with your law. What suffering ... Miserere ... AMEN.

"Don Zeno"

"La Verna 8 August 1965"