"In a very tragic period, between the two wars, the Spirit has blown and aroused forms of community life who live mutual love, as did the first communities of the apostles, and give themselves to the world. " With these words, Jesus Moran, priest and Co-president of the Focolare Movement, Maria Voce, President, and some of the advisers of the International Center of the Focolare Movement in Rocca di Papa welcomed us. In view of May 10, the day in which Pope Francis will visit both Nomadelfia and the Mariapolis of Loppiano, a small group from Nomadelfia wanted to get to know the Focolare Movement more closely. The small delegation, composed of some adults, high school girls and kindergarten children, listened to a testimony of Friederika and Angel, focolarini with common life and members of the general council. They then met Maria Voce, president of the Focolare: “We have in common rediscovery of the Gospel that Chiara and Don Zeno have done: the Gospel never ceases to educate us, amaze us and challenge us. "

Both the story of Chiara Lubich and that of Don Zeno tell the desire to respond, albeit in different forms, to the need for unity, a sign of God's love for all men. On the tomb of Chiara is the phrase that Jesus addresses to the Father: 'that they are one'; in the parish of Nomadelfia, on the altar, the same Latin phrase is reported 'ut unum sint '.

Here, precisely in this closeness of the Spirit, we await the visit of Pope Francis and we want to remember, as Chiara said, "to look at all the flowers in the garden of God: each one is wonderful".