Since 1965 Nomadelfia experiences the summer period in a singular way, in which recreation and meeting with populations intertwine. Don Zeno had the intuition to make the young people and adults of Nomadelfia live an intense period of meetings and testimonies with the people. With the "Evenings", we turn in the Italian regions to bring to the squares a show that brings together people from different social backgrounds, religions and aspirations. We offer everyone, through the example of our life, a message of hope: we can change, build a more just and fraternal world. Through the dances of the children, the recited parts, the clips of the historical films, we present our proposal of life, which, as he recalled Pope Francis visiting Nomadelfia on May 10: "he proposes to create a new civilization, implementing the Gospel as a good and beautiful way of life".

The "Evenings" are a moment of joy, "two jumps in the family", as Don Zeno said , who manage to create in the squares a new air full of dreams, hopes, desires, aspirations that are in the soul of every man.

"Faced with a world that is sometimes hostile to the ideals preached by Christ, do not hesitate to respond with the joyful and serene witness of your life, inspired by the Gospel ", these words addressed to us by the Pope encourage us to continue carrying our message of joy and love.

This summer we will be present in Puglia, we will get to know and make ourselves known in an exchange of free, infinite love.

You are all invited to participate in this moment of celebration.

We propose a reflection by Don Zeno on the "Nomadelfia Evenings".

Collesalvetti, 17 July 1971


"My Lord, last night in Cecina we attended the first of the evenings of this year with the dances and the speech to the people. Truly it is an evangelical show, beautiful, innocent, chaste, edifying, uplifting the soul of the people, who applauded affectionately and I would say surprised. The chaste dance called it the Bishop Mons. Gasbarri, Apostolic Administrator of the diocese of Grosseto.

It is not easy to understand your flight, sir. This initiative that moves many souls, that makes mysterious emotions live in youth and childhood in the children of Nomadelfia, traveling through Italy, protected and loved by their mothers and mothers, who jointly love them: they feel calm because they are loved and protected. It is a mysterious fact, it is in the first mysteries of your human and divine vitality on earth. You travel with us from town and city, to town and city and wherever we go you are with us, in us, in our "unum" with you. When the children of Nomadelfia appear on the stage they enthrall the people. The people who will understand? I don't know what I will understand every evening either. You are a mystery, my Jesus. You are a mystery of Truth that lives in us and that we cannot understand, except by living it in the same way that we live the plant and do not see its roots. "