With this meditation by Don Zeno we want to reflect together on the value of the school and wish everyone a good start to the school year!

“Here it is a question of learning to live not only studying, because there are men who have studied and do bad and many things. You see? They studied and wars. Is it okay to make wars? "No". One can study as long as he wants, but if he does these things ...

We must learn to live and, to know how to live, we must study life by living.

Is it enough to speak or do we also have to do? This is not a dead school, but a living one: it means that it does things that live. A boy has to learn to read and write, that's fine; but is it enough to know how to read and write or must we also know how to live? One must know how to live and also read, write because it is also to live there; therefore it is not a school, but part of life. Life is not all here, it is also where you go to eat and play; and when you go to Mass, that too is life. "

The school of Nomadelfia finds in the fathers and mothers the natural architects of the "family" school. The family takes on a central function. In fact, Don Zeno recalls in 1971, “it is not about school, also because school is not the right word. The right word is education, training, which begins at the altar when a marriage is made and ends with the transition to eternal life".

The purpose of all the teaching basically is of "Know themselves and their needs (which are the same as those of other human beings), in order to be useful to all humanity".