In this letter Don Zeno invites the young people of Nomadelfia to be aware of the great apostolic commitment that they will experience during the summer.


Dear children, we are in the mood for departure for our tour or mission. This is an initiative that has all the characteristics of an attractive Christian social mission, which brings joy, relief and spiritual edification to multitudes of souls who spend their holidays on the beaches, remaking themselves in the physical and resting in their whole being. It also happens in favor of other souls who find a way to desecrate a great gift of God on the beaches, degenerating into a way of behaving that dishonors the human being. Many of these souls, between one and the other, become spectators and participants, always respectful and enthusiastic of our fraternal manifestations and we will never be able to measure with our mind all the good that we will pour into their spirit, for the one to greater perfection and for the others as a reminder to rise to new life.

We therefore start again for these holy and very beautiful initiatives, for to make known that there is a new life, which makes everything reborn with goodness. We bring dance, the word, the songs, then the recreation, the salvation of the youth who for any reason loses the family; we offer solidarity fraternity in work, study, childcare, the family group that brings families together, the apostolate in the people that invites the world to change course, invoked by the Church.

All this we will show and live to the multitudes that will populate the beaches in these days - from July to August -. And all of you, dear children, participate as messengers of Christ the Savior, delighted with to be so useful to the great cause of the change of course that the whole world will have to realize, if you don't want to drift. You go to this mission full of gratitude to God who has chosen you to be his collaborators in the divine work of proposing with your life the renewal of the world in the human and human-divine relationship with Christ, who can be in us to become overwhelming. reason for credibility: the people seeing, will believe and do. Let us therefore go to this mission without serious sins in the soul, so that our hope may be the presence in us of the living, good Christ, transforming the world from wild to human, from human to divine in us and with us; that is to say according to his Heart.

I hope, I wish you all are like this; that is, full of the Holy Spirit and, if you are all like this, you will overwhelm; you will end up throwing on earth a wave that no one in the world will be able to stop anymore and the people will change course.

I bless you

your Don Zeno (July 8, 1968)